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AT COPPERHEAD CREEK, MARBLE FALLS, TX. More info coming soon….

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For many shooters, there simply was no other three-gun match that could touch the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational (M3GI) for fun, excitement or rewards.

For three years, shooters fortunate enough to be get an invitation traveled from across the country to the high desert outside Bend, Oregon to compete in the dark across 10 stages based around the use of laser sights and weapon mounted lights.

By any standard, it was an unqualified hit. But that success also proved to be it undoing.

The event had grown to the point Crimson Trace management made the reluctant decision to end the event.

Before that decision was announced, Outdoor Wire Digital Network founder Jim Shepherd proposed taking the M3GI concept and growing it into a series of nighttime 3-gun events with an ambitious goal: continue a great shooting event, but to showcase the competition in a spectator-friendly format that would draw non-shooters to the competitions.

Crimson Trace agreed, and Shepherd assembled a group of businessmen who caught the vision of using this uniquely formatted competition to engage non-shooters.

The Starlight 3-Gun Series calls on Shepherd’s extensive experience at producing top-level live events ranging from arena shows to professional golf, boxing and tennis.

The premiere event was held September 24-25, 2015 in conjunction with the NRA’s World Shooting Championship. A unique combination of top-level events offered day- and night -competition featuring the world’s top overall shooters in everything from cowboy action to sporting clays competing for the richest purses ever offered.

The Peacemaker National Training Center outside Glengarry, West Virginia is known for its high-level shooting focus, but Starlight added a new dimension of consumer friendliness as shooters, VIPS and spectators was treated to a level of entertainment unheard of at any other shooting competition.

The Starlight 3 Gun’s goal is to offer spectator participation areas where adults and children can try their hand at shooting. Children will have a safe-play area where they can burn off some excess energy while their parents check out the competition and exhibits, and all that will be centered around professional concessionaires, restroom facilities and an entertainment stage – all while keeping up with the competition via live scoring and video feeds from the various stages.

We invite you to join us as we will showcase shooting sports- and our amazing athletes- like nothing in modern history.

We’ve just started!